• What does ecoThynk mean?

    “eco” represents our work to create products and solutions that honor the environment by reducing consumption. “thynk” represents the creative minds that do the work to innovate more sustainable business solutions.

  • Why do you spell ecoThynk that way?

    It’s true, “thynk” is not a normal word.  And we are not normal.  This spelling represents how we go outside of commonly practiced norms in the mail communication industries to invent new, more sustainable, and we would even say ‘cooler’ products and solutions that benefit both our environment and your bottom line.

  • What is the difference between ecoEnvelopes and ecoThynk?

    ecoEnvelopes is where we started.  It is our line of reusable, 2-Way envelopes.  Our company has grown and this product line is one of many that can be found under the ecoThynk canopy featuring envelopes, labels, postage concepts and new bioWise™ papers made from agricultural residue and recycled content.

  • What geography do you serve?

    We have a national footprint and also supply our friends to the north, in Canada.  Currently our products are not available internationally but that can change!

  • Do you have a storefront?

    We do not have a bricks and mortar store…yet.  We are putting together an awesome web store so stay tuned!

  • Where can I buy your products?

    Yes, you can directly order from us but we would also love to direct you to one of our licensing partners.  Or, if you have a relationship with a preferred vendor, we are happy to figure out a way to work with them….we don’t want you to have to break-up with anyone.

  • Are you available in retail stores?

    Currently you can buy our products from us directly or through a licensing partner.  As soon as our products become available in retail stores, we will be sure to shout that from the rooftops too!

  • What is your postal address?

    PO Box 47
    Outing, MN 56662-0047

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