Meet the Team

Ann DeLaVergne

eco-warrior, organic farmer, advocate for equality and the environment. An award-winning photographer, Ann sees things through a creative lens where the world has more meaning and more possibility than it does for mere mortals.

Gale Ward

Market strategist, business builder, optimist and diversity advocate. She lives in the city of optimism where the grass is greener, the sky is bluer and anything is possible…

Stephanie Malon-Rufi

Educated, passionate nonprofit/social enterprise specialist and author of our original business plan. She leads by example supporting social and environmental causes with keen insight and humor…you need one in every crowd.

Brian Walker

The nerd in the herd, Brian always has a story to share. It's unusual for a story to boil down to a simple observation, such as: "stand upwind when blowing up a beaver dam". He's working on that...

Photo courtesy Megan Walker,

Elizabeth (Betsy) Vogt

Numbers cruncher, speed-walker, coffee snob, ‘glass half full’ kind of gal. Foodie tourist with a bent for the extraordinary. The highest compliment you can give an accountant. .. is a referral!

Scott Benson

“Where do your shoes pinch?” Off-the-wall creative genius and design guru! Family man, dad/husband of the millennia, MN Boundary Waters have no boundaries…… on the other hand, upside-down cars can be a challenge!

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