Our Label division features flexo and digital production capabilities delivering a diverse range of printed and diecut adhesive and non-adhesive items ranging from printed roll labels for products to diecut, custom converted multiple material laminations for use as components of manufactured goods. The Company also offers ribbons for thermal transfer printing.   ecoThynk products meet UL and other durable standards such as GHS and BS5609.


Specialty capabilities:  Custom converted items made of such materials as polyurethane, acrylic and polyethylene foam tapes, urethane, vinyl, polyester and BOPP films, butyl tapes, transfer adhesives and lexan/polycarbonate and multiple material laminations of these components are available. Materials can be diecut, heat sealed, tabbed or finished in rolls or sheets for integration in other manufacturing processes, such as foam emblem adhesives for the automotive industry.

Adhesive labels:  Blank, partially or fully printed labels available on a wide variety of paper and synthetic label materials can be post-printed via sheetfed laser, roll thermal transfer or inkjet printers

Printed labels for food, chemical, personal care and automotive: Printed on either a digital platform for short to medium print runs or conventional flexographic presses using printing plates for longer runs.

Adhesive label forms: Licensing, registration and other forms for print on demand documents by laser, inkjet or thermal transfer printing. Label forms may also incorporate overt and covert security features with inks and manufacturing methods to prevent duplication, counterfeiting or tampering. Custom hologram embossing also available.

In mold labels: Produced either digitally or conventionally in either roll, sheet and diecut formats for injection molding processes. These in mold labels can be integrated in food and beverage containers and other items.

Ribbons for thermal transfer printing:  From cost-effective ribbons for printing paper labels to durable ribbons for chemical and environmental resistance for pressure-sensitive, adhesive-coated labels and that meet UL, GHS and BS5609 and other standards.