Out Story

How we met.

Imagine a snowy, cold Minnesota morning with six inches of snow and slush on the road. It was the winter of 2007 and Ann DeLaVergne was preparing to expand ecoEnvelopes. She needed help and set up a coffee meeting in Stillwater, MN, a quaint town filled with antique shops along the St. Croix River. Gale Ward arrives for the meeting in heels, a business suit and woolen winter coat. Using her heels as spikes to gain footing as she crosses the snowy street, she enters the coffee shop with wet feet and a chill. With the snowstorm, there are few patrons and Ann arrives moments later – beret pulled down over her salt and pepper hair, she is wrapped in layers of down and wool, wearing mukluks.

While they still laugh about their first meeting, their mutual focus on sustainability and complement of skills, capabilities, expertise and respect, have made for a great partnership.

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